This is not Seneca Crane's beard.

Beard requests   Submit the beard   This is the place to photoshop the beard of the Gamemaker Seneca Crane into random people and celebrities, or whatever you want. Also posted will be other appreciation and support of the wonderful beard. Head over to the ask to request a certain actor, or submit a picture you want beardified (though, be warned, I'm not that good with photoshop.) Or, you can beardify someone on your own and submit that, too. If you don't want to submit, I'm also using the tag #senecasbeardbagel so tag a post with that, and I'll be sure to see it! (I follow the Seneca Crane tag, but I don't always see things :P)

Beardy template. Source.

BEFORE YOU REQUEST: Please check if your request already exists. You can use the search bar, or the more reliable tag search. If you're not sure how to search using tags, it's easy. Go up the the url at the top of the browser, and just have it end in /tagged/seneca+crane (or whatever character you're searching for). It will make it easier for all parties involved.

This right here is the reason I shouldn’t be on the internet omg

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